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Images and story by Dallas Arthur Photography
Birth Place: Baptist Hospital South

Oh, my heart could just burst with joy. Everyone, meet Carli! She is a very special, beautiful, amazing baby all on her own, but she's incredible to me because she's the little one who made me an AUNT!

For their Just Born session, I came and visited them at the hospital the day before they were discharged. I think it is so important for families to get (or at least attempt!) a good night's sleep, hop in the shower, have a bite to eat, and enjoy that new-baby bubble for a little bit before I arrive. Just Born sessions happen during daytime visiting hours, and the overcast day provided some beautiful natural light. 

A sleeping newborn is swaddled in a hospital blanket in her bassinet during her Just Born photo session at Baptist South in Jacksonville, Florida.
Baby sleeps during a Fresh 48 photography session after her birth.

Curtis (my brother) and Cortney (his wife, and my sister-in-law) welcomed sweet Carli to the world in the early hours of the morning in January. I was so honored to be with them through Cortney's labor at Baptist South, as a support and friend. I have the privilege of witnessing so many powerful women birth their babies, in so many different ways. But to watch your own family work diligently to bring life into the world was just so moving. I am getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

Baby girl sleeps on her stomach during fresh 48 hospital photography session. The photographer came the day after her birth to take her pictures.

Curtis and Cortney weathered a long day of labor to bring Carli into the world. And I was blown away by both of them. They worked together and relied on each other in such a special way.

A new family surrounds their newborn daughter with love during a Fresh 48 newborn hospital photography session in Jacksonville, Florida.
Black and white photo of family kissing after baby's epidural birth at a hospital in Jacksonville, Florida.

Through a long day of contractions, Cortney was such a trooper. She never said, "I can't do this." She never broke down. (Not to say that either of those things are bad; surrendering to the process and becoming emotional are hugely helpful in moving labor along!) She closed her eyes, breathed deeply, and followed every twist and turn that her birth took.

Smiling mother holds her newborn baby for a hospital photo session in Jacksonville, Florida.

I've seen a lot of dads involved in the birth process. Some are more hands-on, and some back off and let their partners do their thing. I had a feeling that Curtis would be a hands-on birth partner, but to see him in action was just awesome. He was so diligent about helping Cortney switch positions every half hour on the dot, and he became an expert at taking the necessary steps to carefully move IV lines, monitors, and blankets. I joked with him that he could seriously be a birth partner as a living. He's THAT good at it.

Black and white photograph of dad snuggling baby during fresh 48 photo shoot at a hospital in Jacksonville, Florida.
New father holds his baby girl at a hospital newborn session in Jacksonville, Florida.

I remembered taking this picture and saying out loud, "This is so surreal." I've photographed hundreds of dads with their new babies, but to see my little brother on the other side of the camera was crazy! In a great way!

New father holds his baby daughter as she sleeps on the day after her birth at Baptist South hospital in Jacksonville, Florida.

*sigh* How cute are they!

The main reason that David and I moved back to Jacksonville from Chicago was to be closer to our family. We didn't realize we would be this close though; we ended up buying a house in the same neighborhood as Curtis and Cortney! We love being neighbors, and it has been awesome to pop over and hold Carli in the middle of the night from time to time.

A young couple poses with their newborn baby after baby's birth.
Black and white image of mother holding her newborn daughter after their hospital birth in Jacksonville, Florida.
Newborn baby yawns in mother's arms at a hospital photo session with Dallas Arthur Photography.

I think that photography is the closest we can come to bottling up this feeling. I remember my own Alexis being this teeny and kissing her face at least 500 times a day.

Newborn baby sleeps on mother's chest during hospital photo session.

Grandma Jan! This lady is total grandma material. She has been a bonus grandma for our Alexis, and she was so ready to have a little grandbaby all her own! She shared so many stories about being pregnant with Cortney and her twin sister Amber, and was a wonderful support to Cortney as she waited for baby to come.

Grandmother smiles at her daughter as she holds her new baby girl. This multi generational picture was part of a Just Born or Fresh 48 photo session.

Oh Carli girl. You are so loved. And Aunt Dallas will always be here to love you, embarrass you, and take way too many pictures. Welcome to the family, darling girl.

Aunt holds newborn niece during photo session at Baptist South Hospital.

Are you or someone you love expecting the birth of a little one soon? A Just Born session makes a wonderful baby shower gift! Want more info? Email me here!