Riverside Newborn Session | Jacksonville Birth Photographer


This family. From our first consultation (which ended up with them feeding me dinner and us talking birth and photography into the wee hours of the night), I knew that their birth was going to be special. And after spending 23 precious hours with them on the morning that their little guy finally arrived, they were almost like family! I came back to do their newborn session in their beautiful Riverside home.

A young couple holds their first newborn baby in front of the crib in their home. Their dog lays on the floor next to them.

It is always special to come back and see how new families are settling in. I know one of the main concerns about an in-home newborn session is always..."I just had a baby! No one is sleeping! My house is a wreck!" But rest assured, it's truly (truly!) not a big deal. Before the session, we pick one or two rooms where we will photograph (often one of those rooms is the nursery, which hasn't been touched!) and shove all the clutter out of the way; no vacuuming, dusting, or scrubbing allowed!

Like father, like son! This baby has so much personality already!

A dad smiles at the camera while burping his newborn son during a newborn photo shoot in Jacksonville, Florida.

Can't you almost smell that sweet newborn baby head scent? It's heavenly!

A new dad cradles his son's head in his hands. This was part of a newborn photo session in their Riverside home.

We scheduled our photo session for the time of day when the nursery would be best lit. Their nursery had a light, airy feel with bright pops of color and lots of special touches. It felt like it was straight out of a magazine!

A new family looks at their newborn baby in their nursery, which is beautifully decorated for their son.

Babies make the best faces! 

A black and white image of two parents looking lovingly at their newborn son, a few weeks after his birth.

After we were done in the nursery, this sweet family cuddled up in mom and dad's bed for some snuggles.

A couple cuddles their newborn baby in their bed during a newborn photography session in Jacksonville, Florida.

So many great smiles in this family! And although their little guy didn't give us any smiles this time around, he is ALWAYS smiling now, at 6 months old!

Mom and dad laugh at the photographer while holding their newborn baby.

Um...there was some confusion as to where lunch comes from. Worth a try, right?

Newborn baby tries to latch onto his dad's nose during a newborn photographer's session in Riverside, a neighborhood in Jacksonville, Florida.

Flaky baby toes! It's a tiny detail, but one that comes and goes so fast.

A newborn baby's flaky skin on his sweet toes, taken during his newborn photo shoot.

And back into the nursery to put this little guy down for a nap. Aren't they just the cutest little family?

A picture of a dad holding a newborn baby while the photographer takes their picture.
Mom and dad laugh at each other while holding their newborn baby. There is a maternity picture in the background.

With a full tank and a clean diaper, he slipped into dreamland.

Sleeping newborn during his photo session.

Congratulations again on your beautiful boy! You two are #parentinggoals and it has been amazing following your family on this journey. 

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