In-Home Newborn Session | Jacksonville Birth & Newborn Photographer

She's here! This stubborn little girl put her mama through quite the adventure during her birth. I came back to their home two weeks later to photograph her newborn session. It was so special to photograph this baby in the place where she belonged, in her parents’ arms, in her own home.

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Homebirth to C-Section | A Story of Perseverence | Jacksonville Birth Photographer

Like all birth stories, this is a story of love. But it is also a story of perseverance. Their sweet baby's birth looked completely different than what they had envisioned, but it was filled to the brim with emotion. I am honored to have been invited to witness this incredible day.

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Riverside Newborn Session | Jacksonville Birth Photographer

This family. From our first consultation (which ended up with them feeding me dinner and us talking birth and photography into the wee hours of the night), I knew that their birth was going to be special. And after spending 23 long hours with them on the morning that their little guy finally arrived, they were almost like family!

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The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2018 | UF North | Jacksonville Birth Photography

I was honored to have been asked to photograph a wonderful event, The Great Cloth Diaper Change! Held at UF North Hospital, this year's GCDC drew a crowd of parents, toddlers, babies, and a whole host of pregnancy and parenting related resources. I was excited to photograph the event, as well as man a booth to bring attention to some of the wonderful birth photographers that we have here in town!

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Why I Didn't Hire A Birth Photographer | Jacksonville Birth Photography

I didn’t hire a birth photographer. That's right. Me, a birth photographer myself.

And oh, how deeply I wish I had.

I have very few regrets in my life, and one of them is not adding a talented birth photographer to my birth team to document my hard work of bringing my first baby into the world. But I had my reasons. And before I had my baby, I thought those reasons were pretty good!

They weren’t.

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National Siblings Day 2018 | Jacksonville Birth Photographer

Every time a new baby comes into a family, things shift and change. The family as it existed before is frozen in time, and a fuller, more complex, more love-filled family emerges. It is said that a sibling is the longest relationship you'll ever have, and what a blessing that is. 

Enjoy some of my favorite recent sibling images from some very special families!

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A Water Birth Story | UF Birth Center | Jacksonville Birth Photographer

"I felt a contraction and had the urge to push. I could feel baby Jude move in my body, and I knew that he would be out in one large push. I recall thinking that he was coming so fast that neither Dallas nor Angela nor Nigel would know Jude was on his way out!"

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The Beauty of Laboring at Home | Part 2 of 2 | Jacksonville Birth Photographer

This is part 2 of a two part blog post, welcoming a sweet baby boy into the world! We pick up as the family drives from home, where she labored for almost 12 hours, and arrives at St. Vincent's to have her baby. This mama rocked a 30 hour labor and leaned heavily on her birth team. It was an honor to be included in their big day!

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The Beauty of Laboring At Home| Part 1 of 2 | Jacksonville Birth Photography

This birth. This powerful, emotional, surprising, long, incredible, unforgettable birth.

It's just too much for one blog post! Part 1 will focus on the time that I spent with this family as mom labored at home. Part 2 will tell her story once she left for the hospital, and what it was like to meet their sweet baby boy!

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Hospital Restrictions for Siblings? | Jacksonville Baby Photographer

In response to this unique situation that Jacksonville families are finding themselves in, for a limited time, I am offering a FREE upgrade for my Just Born photo sessions. In addition to your 60-90 minute photo session in the hospital, I will also add on a FREE 30 minute in-home session to catch that special moment when your older children meet their new sibling! Bringing baby home is a special day to be remembered!

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Top 10 Images of 2017 | Dallas Arthur Photography | Jacksonville Birth Photographer

 To celebrate this beautiful year, I've collected 10 of my favorite photographs from some of the 31 sessions I photographed this year. Enjoy!

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