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Why I Didn't Hire A Birth Photographer | Jacksonville Birth Photography

I didn’t hire a birth photographer. That's right. Me, a birth photographer myself.

And oh, how deeply I wish I had.

I have very few regrets in my life, and one of them is not adding a talented birth photographer to my birth team to document my hard work of bringing my first baby into the world. But I had my reasons. And before I had my baby, I thought those reasons were pretty good!

They weren’t.

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Eclipsed by Motherhood | Personal Post | Jacksonville Birth Photographer

In the last two years, being pregnant and raising my first baby, motherhood has eclipsed my life. It’s been a cosmic event. Each new experience has been like watching the moon move a little further across the sun, slowly changing its shape. Her birth was my “totality.” My everything. The moment I’d waited for, for as long as I could imagine, and every bit as breathtaking as I’d dreamed. 

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