Jacksonville, Florida Birth Photographer

Capturing your labor, birth, and the precious days in the afterglow


Birth is a love story.

What will you tell your child about the day they were born?

Birth photography allows you to bottle up all of the emotion and love from your baby's birth and to share it with them again and again as they grow. When they climb on your lap five years from now, wouldn't it be wonderful to pull out an album of beautiful, timeless images and be able to show them exactly how their story unfolded? To see how very much they were loved and wanted from their very first breath?

Birth is a love story, and I would be honored to help you tell yours.


Jacksonville birth photographer, Dallas Arthur, photographs births in hospitals, at home, and in birth centers.

Hi, I'm Dallas!

When you ask me to be a part of your birth team, that means I am on your side. It means we can chat about your upcoming birth, day or night. I can point you toward some of the amazing prenatal and postpartum resources that we have in town, because I've worked alongside of them. Once you go into labor, I am in it for the long haul, and I'll be there to support you, no matter what twists or turns your birth may take.



serving birth spaces in Jacksonville
& Northeast Florida, including:


Home birth with a midwife
Fruitful Vine Birth Center
UF Health North
UF Health Downtown
St. Vincent's Southside
St. Vincent’s Riverside
St. Vincent’s Clay

Baptist Beaches
Baptist South
Baptist Downtown
Baptist Nassau
Flagler Hospital
Orange Park Medical Center



"Dallas took our birth photos and then came to our home a week later for a newborn session. My experience with Dallas was amazing. She was professional, responsive, respectful, and friendly. I was more than impressed and am so happy that she was there for my birth! And, our photos were even better than I imagined. Dallas, keep doing what you’re doing. You made me and my experience feel special, and I greatly appreciated it!"

-Shelbi, birth and newborn client



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Packages start at $990, with payment plans available.


“When I first decided to hire Dallas I just wanted an important moment in my life documented. Like one would a wedding, or an extra special event. What I ended up with was so much more. These photos portray more than just the moment, they tell the story. They prove how strong I was. They provide memories of moments that I'll probably never fully remember. They're my only link to the birth I wish I'd had, and the only proof that I did everything I could. They're worth more than I paid for them, and are some of my most treasured possessions. I can't thank Dallas enough for her time, energy, and love that she puts into all of her work.” -Tiffany H.



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