What clients are saying about adding Dallas to their birth team

"Dallas took our birth photos and then came to our home a week later for a newborn session. My experience with Dallas was amazing. She was professional, responsive, respectful, and friendly. I was more than impressed and am so happy that she was there for my birth! And, our photos were even better than I imagined. Dallas, keep doing what you’re doing. You made me and my experience feel special, and I greatly appreciated it!"

-Shelbi, birth and newborn client

"I don't even know where to begin. Dallas took our birthing photos. Literally every single photo she took captured an individual moment that happened before, during and after labor. Some moments I didn't even know were happening and some moments that I just look at the photo and it just brings back all the emotions and love. It is a great blessing to have such special photos and for Dallas to be there with us on that day. Props to her for staying up so long as well! Ha! All the photos she took while I was in labor, all the different angles, she takes them as if she isn't even there. She didn't get into anyone's way at all and gives a mama her space. The room we delivered in wasn't very big but she made it work! I am so obsessed with our photos and I constantly go back and look through them all. I feel like I'm reliving that day. I can not thank her enough for the gift she has given us."

-Kori, birth client

"Dallas was perfect! She helped encourage me during labor as well as put a towel under my head for support. She also listened to every detail and she sent me links to help through pregnancy. I told Dallas I labor very fast and she made it on time! Thank you Dallas!"

-Taylor, birth client

"You were so sweet and wonderful. I didn't even know you were there most of the time.  Thank you so much for the photos. I had to stop looking at them a few times, because I had to reflect. It was a little overwhelming; crying and laughing, just reliving that special early morning. You captured everything. Thank you!!!"

-Larissa, birth client

"Dallas is amazing! She was with us for 23 hours, not only taking pictures but offering advice, hanging out with my family, and bringing the sweetest, most calming presence to the room. Dallas is truly the best in Jacksonville! Her images are breathtaking and the customer service she offers is unlike anyone else! Extremely professional, over and above on little extras, and an unbeatable value!"

-Jacksonville birth and newborn client

“Dallas is worth every penny! You won’t even know that she’s in your birth space. The pictures and slide show tell the story of a beautiful day and moments that would have been missed and forgotten. My favorite picture is of me holding my baby up to get a good look at him for the first time. I completely forgot I did that and I wouldn’t have even thought to mention that it’s a moment I’d like to capture. Dallas knows a lot about birth which means that she’s going to think of things you’ll want before you do and it means that she respects the privacy and intimacy of it. She also took pictures of my kids meeting their sibling the next day and those pictures are truly my most prized possession. She captured every moment of such an important event in our family. I can not recommend her enough for her artistry, her professionalism, the quality of her work and her service!”

-Lauren, birth and just born client



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