Your home, your newborn, your love.

So they'll always know where their childhood began.

Those first few weeks after your baby's birth can be a blur, and their little bodies and personalities change and grow in a blink. I don't want you to haul your family to a studio or prop your baby in a bucket; I want to give you beautiful images in your own home, with your baby where they should your arms. My newborn sessions are no-stress, with minimal posing and maximum cuddles, using the backdrop of your own home to tell your story.


What is an in-home newborn session?


If only everything in life were this easy! After your baby is born, we will set a date for his or her newborn session. This can be a few days after birth, a week or two later, or a month or two later. Every family's postpartum journey looks a little bit different, and I'll be ready when you are ready. I will ask you to text me some pictures of your home, and when I arrive, I will have a flexible plan ready to go. We will stick with 1-2 rooms with the best light, and I will gently guide you into a few natural poses. Got toddlers? Dogs? Bring it on! I've got a toddler myself and I know all the tricks. We will take plenty of breaks for cuddles, diaper changes, and feeding. And you'll get beautiful, timeless images of your sweet baby in their first home.


Lifestyle photography packages start at $390, with payment plans available


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When is your baby's estimated due date? (Or date of birth if they are already here!)
When is your baby's estimated due date? (Or date of birth if they are already here!)

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