What do dads think about birth photography?


I recently interviewed two dads about their experience hiring me as their birth photographer. Here is what they had to say!


meet chris! He and his wife had planned a home birth, but they ended up transferring in active labor and met their baby via C-section. They had a beautiful little girl!


Meet Nigel! His wife had an easy, speedy water birth at the UF Birth Center. They had a sweet little boy!


Whose idea was it to hire a birth photographer? What were your first thoughts about it?

Chris: It was my wife's idea. After seeing the samples Tiffany sent, I was 100% on board right away.


Nigel: My wife's idea. I was apprehensive, as I thought it would distract from the intimacy of the moment. But she wanted it and I supported her.


 Did any protective feelings come up about having your wife/partner photographed in such a vulnerable time? How did you cope with that? 

Chris: No. Having sample images helped. Seeing how empowering the shots were as opposed to vulnerable. Seeing the story made it something I knew I wanted for our family, but also just for Tiffany. 


Nigel: Yes, but I trusted her judgement and respected that she really wanted to have a birth photographer.


What were you looking forward to about having a birth photographer?

Chris: Capturing the story. I knew it would be a journey and so few people do more than just take a few photos during active labor and then after birth. I was excited to be able to relive what I knew was going to be a special moment in our lives.


Nigel: Not having to worry about not getting good pictures!



What was it like having me in the room with your family during the birth?

Chris: Incredible. Not only are you super respectful of the process, but you became a super special person for us to have there. You were as much a part of our birth team as our midwife and myself.


Nigel: It worked out well. Your demeanor and temperament made me very comfortable.


 How do you feel about your images? 

Chris: We love them. They capture everything we wanted. They were even better than expected.


Nigel: Loved them!


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