Birth Questionnaire for New Clients

Before we meet for a consultation, I'd love to learn about you and your birth! This questionnaire will cover your basic information (your contact information, name and address of birth location), but it will also cover your birth history (if you have older children), birth plans, and how you found Dallas Arthur Photography. It will take about 15-20 minutes to complete.


After Your Baby Is Born: The Reveal Session

Yay! You did it! Congratulations! Within a month of your baby's birth, we will work together to schedule a date for your Reveal Session. This is a special opportunity for you to view your birth images in the comfort of your home, with me as your guide! I will set up in your living room and connect your TV to my computer to view your images in a slideshow with music. I'll have your USB drive with images ready for you to keep, as well as your keepsake box with prints of some of my favorite images from your birth. I'll also show you how to access your online gallery, and help you to order any prints or albums that you may want to purchase. We will also discuss which images you are comfortable with me sharing online when I write your birth blog.

I love delivering images to my clients because we get to relive that special day all over again. And I love seeing (and snuggling!) that sweet baby again, too! You can invite anyone that you'd like to your Reveal Session. This is a great opportunity to include grandparents, siblings, or close friends, especially those who weren't in the room with you when baby was born. (Hint, hint...what you can tell your mother-in-law ahead of time, "Oh, it's just going to be me and [my husband/partner/my mom] in the delivery room, but I'd love to invite you to the Reveal Session, where you'll get to see all of the pictures!" It can take some of the pressure off if you only want 1-2 people in the delivery room with you!)

If we haven't scheduled your Reveal Session yet, please reach out to me as soon as possible, and we'll get a date figured out! In the meantime...


Your Birth Story


Your baby's birth story will always be special. But the details of your baby's big day fade quickly in the weeks and months to follow. Writing your baby's birth story from scratch can seem like a big, overwhelming task, so I've created a fun little form to help! When you submit the form, I will email you a copy for you to keep. You can put it in your baby's birth book, share with your friends, or just keep it to treasure for yourself. If you are comfortable, I am happy to include your responses when I blog your birth! Feel free to include as much or as little detail as you'd like, and there are options at the end to choose whether or not you want me to include this in your blog.


After Your Reveal Session: Leaving a Review

I would really love it if you would leave me a Google review! These reviews are so important, not only for finding new clients, but for driving traffic to my website. The best compliment you can give me is a good review!