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This family is so special to me. When I started my internship at a church in the middle of a cornfield, the first person I met was the almost 9-months pregnant Joanna. She drove over to give me to key to my place. It was blistering hot and I was a total stranger, but she still greeted me with a big hug and a huge smile. Joanna, her husband Andy, and her two awesome boys were joined by their little sister just a few weeks after I arrived, and their family sustained me in a big way during my year-long internship. My then-boyfriend-now-husband, David, stayed with them when he came to visit. I often had long talks with them about the future of the youth ministry I had been tasked with leading. They prayed for me when I struggled.

Three years later I had the privilege of (almost) photographing the birth of their fourth child and second little girl! I had decided that I wanted to give birth photography a try, and Joanna, an incredibly talented photographer herself, let me be her guinea pig. But it wasn't meant to be; the night that she went into labor, a huge, dangerous storm blew through that spawned a tornado and knocked out the power at the hospital. I came the next morning to meet their fresh baby girl and capture their first moments as a family of six.

Joanna and Andy soaked in every quiet minute of this (soon to be rare) peaceful time with their little girl. She was such a cutie! She had a round little face and long, beautiful fingers. She was calm and sleepy and sweet as could be. It was a quiet day at the small rural hospital, and even after a stormy night, the sunshine poured in through the windows.

Seeing older siblings meet a new baby is always exciting. But for these kids, the excitement was through the roof because they were also being reunited with their parents after spending two weeks with grandma and grandpa! They had an exceptionally long car ride down, and after hours in the car, they burst through the hospital room door. That peaceful little birth bubble exploded into a confetti of squeals, hugs, laughter, and long, excited stories about McDonald's happy meal toys. The oldest big brother made a bee-line for his littlest sister. Even though this was his third time meeting a new sibling, his excitement was fresh and sweet. Big sister quickly jumped into bed with her mama and snuggled right in.

Grandma scooped up her squishy new granddaughter and laughed. You could see the relief on her face as she shrugged her role as "mom" and just got to be "grandma" again. The next hour was filled with the non-stop chatter of little people who had been stuck in the car for too long.

I asked the boys to bend down and smell their sister's head. "She smells SO GOOD!"

But of course, a new sibling wasn't about to get in the way of some silliness!

And with a new little sister to balance the score, this crazy, lovely family settled into a new chapter of their lives. I thank God for their big role in a short chapter of mine!



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