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A Family-Centered Water Birth | UF Birth Center | Jacksonville Birth Photographer

Some couples, like Merranda and Karon, choose to shake off all stereotypes about birth and embrace it for what it can be: a natural, beautiful, and transformative process, one that can be centered on family and love. It was so special to see how they involved their daughter Amora and Karon’s mom in this fast, middle-of-the-night birth of their son!

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A Water Birth Story | UF Birth Center | Jacksonville Birth Photographer

"I felt a contraction and had the urge to push. I could feel baby Jude move in my body, and I knew that he would be out in one large push. I recall thinking that he was coming so fast that neither Dallas nor Angela nor Nigel would know Jude was on his way out!"

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A 107 Minute Birth | UF Birth Center | Jacksonville Birth Photographer

Taylor told me that she hadn't had any contractions yet, when she suddenly had one while we were on the phone. I asked her to stay with me on the phone so that I could hear her through it, and her deep groan quickly told me that this was happening, and fast. I made a cup of coffee, grabbed my bags, and headed out into the night.

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