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Beautiful day, beautiful light, beautiful couple. What could be better? This Jacksonville couple, Nicole and Tommy, are excitedly waiting to meet their first baby, a little girl. We walked along the beach, dipped our toes in the ocean, and talked about all the wonderful things that lie ahead.

Expecting couple snuggles on the boardwalk during a maternity photo session with photographer Dallas Arthur.

What was it like finding out that you were pregnant? 

Nicole: “It was really exciting and surreal! We were blessed to conceive fairly quickly. We both thought it would take so much longer! I took 4 tests over 3 days just to make sure before I told him. I made Tommy a card and wrapped up a Dad-to-be book for him to open. Once he realized what it was all about…with a wide-eyed expression he said, ‘Already?’ We were both pretty shocked for a few days as it really sunk in!” 

Tommy: “Shocked, nervous and excited…it didn’t seem real at first. After the first ultrasound it really sunk in and I got more excited! I’m ready and looking forward to this next step in our lives together.”

This first time mom is having her baby at the UF Birth Center in Jacksonville.
A happy couple smiles at the camera on a boardwalk during their maternity photo shoot.

How did you tell your friends and family? What were their reactions?

Nicole: “We told our immediate family through a sweet poem I found on Pinterest that told our parents they were going to meet their grandchild in November! Everyone was surprised and overjoyed! We’ve been married for 5 years and together almost 12 years so they’ve been waiting for a while!”

Mom Nicole cradles her baby bump in a pink dress in the dunes at the beach. This is her first pregnancy and they are having a baby girl.

How has your pregnancy been so far? What has been your favorite part and most challenging part? 

Nicole: “The first trimester was the most challenging after being put on progesterone early on and the all day nausea kicking in. Once that passed it’s been great! I love feeling her kick and move around even though everything is getting more uncomfortable now at 35 weeks. I’ve continued to practice yoga and swim which has made a huge difference in how I feel!”

What has this pregnancy been like for you as dad?

Tommy: “Incredibly easy honestly. Its been fun to experience this alongside her. Seeing her body change and thrive has been really neat! She’s been really calm and pretty much her normal self most of the time. More late night snacks though for sure!”

The UF Birth Center offers waterbirth or tub birth for their pregnant patients.

What was it like finding out you are having a girl? 

Nicole: “At first we were both hoping for a boy but some early predictions from my acupuncturist and old-wives tales pointed to girl! By the time we found out at the 18 week ultrasound I was already pretty convinced that it was a girl and had started to get very excited!”

Tommy: “Exciting! I’m ready for all the tea parties and cheerleading if that’s what she wants to do!”

Mom Nicole smiles down at her pregnant baby bump. She is absolutely glowing. She has hired a Jacksonville doula to help her prepare for her upcoming birth.

What is your baby's nickname? How did you come up with it?

Nicole: “We mostly call her ‘the baby’ or ‘baby girl.’ We haven’t 100% decided on a name yet so that seems to fit for now! We joke that our dogs probably think there is a puppy inside of mommy, lol!”

A pregnant woman stands on the edge of the ocean, looking down at her baby bump. She is in her third trimester.
A couple smiles at each other during their photo session with photographer Dallas Arthur. They are pregnant with their first baby.

What are you planning for your birth?

Nicole: “We are planning an all natural water birth at the UF Health Birth Center. I’ve been very interested in medication free and low-intervention birth for a long time. I knew I didn’t want to birth in the hospital but wasn’t quite comfortable with home birth the first go around either. The Birth Center is perfect for us!”

A couple walks along the ocean at a beach in Jacksonville, Florida with their maternity photographer. They are having their first baby at the UF Birth Center.

What are your feelings about pregnancy/birth/parenthood as you approach your due date? 

Nicole: “Pregnancy wise, I’m starting to realize why many women start trying all the natural induction tricks as soon as they are considered full term! I’m not miserable, but definitely starting to be more uncomfortable - no position is comfortable for long. I’m also looking forward to being able to move and stretch the ways that I once could before she got so big!  As far a birth goes, I’m feeling ready and not scared at all. Just feeling more excited for it all to be here and to get to meet our girl! We’ve taken birth education classes and are working with a great doula who has helped us both feel prepared.”

A pregnant mom holds her belly and sits near the ocean at Hannah Park Beach. She is in her third trimester and is excited for the natural birth of her daughter.

What are you most looking forward to about parenthood?

Tommy: “I would say watching my own child grow and develop. I look forward to teaching her things and watching her learn about the world. I want to encourage her to try new things and help her become independent and confident like her mom.”

A silhouette of a couple, holding their baby bump at sunset at the beach with birth photographer Dallas Arthur.



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