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Sweet and speedy Jude made his entrance into the world in the middle of the night, the day before his due date. A week after his peaceful water birth, I came to his home for his lifestyle newborn photo session. 


It is such a joy to reconnect with my birth families after their babies have been born. It is always crazy to see how much these tiny babies have changed in just a week or two! Jude's eyes were bright and blue in the sunshine, and he was alert enough to let us see them for a little while.

It was a joy to meet Jude's brothers and sister! In all of my birth preconsultations, I ask about the birth stories of all of mom's previous children, to get an idea of how she approaches labor and birth. So it is fun to get to meet these siblings whose births came before!


Shelbi was a little bit concerned about finding the right place to get beautiful images in their house. The best lighting in the house was in this upstairs living room...which was actually under construction! The entire wall to the right of this image was bare drywall and plastic wrap, but it didn't stop the beautiful afternoon light from pouring in. I can make just about any space work!


Sweet siblings in their own space. Shelbi said later that she loved this picture with all of their books in the background.


Tiny toes!


Big sister was a delight. She was so calm and happy to pose for me. It is evident that she is absolutely in love with her littlest brother. I think this little beauty looks just like her mama!


I love to pop baby in their crib for one quick image, even though I have yet to meet a client whose baby has actually slept in that crib yet! Soon enough they will be stretching out, and it will be wonderful to look back on how little they once were.


Even diaper changes are beautiful with the right lighting.


Can't you almost feel his soft, warm little back? Moments like this give me baby fever!


Since I am a birth and lifestyle newborn photographer, I don't do a ton of shooting outdoors. So getting a sun flare like this in camera is rare and exciting!


Safe and curious in daddy's strong hands.


Another big brother peeking in on (another!) diaper change. He's probably does someone so tiny make so much noise??

Big brother watches his little brother while their dad changes his diaper. This is part of a newborn lifestyle photography session in Jacksonville, Florida.

The sun was setting, and we got one more beautiful set of images before we moved outside.

Jacksonville couple holds their newborn baby during a lifestyle newborn photography session.
Dad kisses the head of his newborn son in a lifestyle newborn photography photo session.

And another big brother! He was such a trooper, and held his brother with such confidence. What a special bond they will have!

Big brother holds his newborn brother on the couch in their home.
Big brothers look at their newborn baby brother during a lifestyle newborn photography session.

What a lucky little boy, to have such doting brothers and sister!

Photograph of siblings looking at their new baby brother.

And a big family picture before the evening light slipped away. I love photographing families in their own backyards!

A family poses for a picture in their Nocatee home.
A smiling couple poses with their newborn baby in a newborn lifestyle photo session in their home.

Congratulations again, Shelbi and Nigel! It was such an honor to photograph baby Jude's birth and then to be invited back to your home for his newborn session. Enjoy every day with your new little man!

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When is your baby's estimated due date? Or if they have already been born, what was their birthday?