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Meet Opal! This beautiful, bright-eyed girl is so loved by her mommies, who glowed with love and pride through our whole newborn session together. They were gracious enough to welcome me into their Jacksonville home and to share a few thoughts about new motherhood with me!

Same sex couple holds new baby during Jacksonville newborn photography session.

“Opal is our little miracle, we were in love with her before we even saw her. We had been trying for a baby for years and now that we have Opal we know she is exactly what we had been waiting for...we joke that we will be in trouble as she grows up and learns how much we wanted her!”

A baby looks over her mother’s shoulder during her baby photo shoot in Jax.

“We were extremely lucky to have an amazing delivery experience, although Kristin was in labor for 38 hours! The moment she came out we were filled with love, she was perfect. Our first thoughts were pure happiness and that she was so small! We had been told she was almost 8lbs, but she came out 5 lbs 12 oz and could not be more perfect. We just wanted to hold her in our arms and make sure she knew how loved she was.”

A mom holds her newborn baby and smiles down at her during her newborn photo shoot with photographer Dallas Arthur.
Profile of a new baby sleeping. Baby was born in Jacksonville and spent some time in the NICU before coming home to her moms.

“From that moment on every little move she made made us smile. Bringing her home was the best day, it felt so good to have her in our own home and meet her furry brothers who also fell in love with her and loved being close to her.”

Wedding rings from a same Jacksonville sex couple on the toes of their newborn baby.
Swaddled new baby sleeps during her casual newborn photos in Jacksonville.

“We were so relieved to have her home, the tiredness did not even phase us. Opal has been a very good baby, getting up in the middle of the night she eats and goes right back to sleep. We take turns feeding her throughout the night and rocking her to sleep and love every moment.”

Mom Kristin holds her newborn daughter in her arms and smiles at the camera.
This same-sex couple had a long journey to their newborn baby.
Lesbian couple in Jacksonville snuggle their newborn baby during her newborn photo shoot.
Homosexual couple looks at the camera during their in home newborn session in Jacksonville with their beautiful little girl.

“We are so proud of her already! Everyday she does something new, whether it’s a smile, new facial expression or discovering a new toy. It is so amazing to see her grow and discover the world. We take her on outings, read her stories we read her in the womb and are amazed by her recognition of our voices.

We are so incredibly grateful for our little miracle and love her more every day!”


Congratulations, Tina and Kristin! Opal is just perfect and you are the sweetest little family!


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When is your baby's estimated due date? (Or date of birth, if baby is already here!)