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Meet Sydney!

This sweet mom had planned on scheduling a maternity session with me, but as we know, those last few weeks of pregnancy can be so busy, especially for first-time parents. When we finally connected and made a plan for her session, Sydney texted me that there had been some big changes in their plans! She was put on bed rest and was going to be meeting her baby boy at 37 weeks, starting with a scheduled induction.

But we made it work! Instead of a session at the beach or a local park, I came to their home and did a simple, low-key maternity session in their home, just a few days before baby Warren made his arrival!

Sydney shared her incredible birth story with me, and trust me…this is one you’ll want to read! Enjoy!

When mom was put on maternity bedrest, Dallas Arthur Photography came over to do a maternity photo session in their home.

“Warren’s birth story didn’t go quite like I planned, but actually in a good way! My OB planned for me to be admitted Tuesday night, March 5th, to receive Cervidil and then begin induction the next morning with Pitocin. Unfortunately, my husband, Stephen, works nights as a nurse and in order for him to be with me on the 6th, he had to work the night of the 5th. So, me and my mom go to the hospital for the beginning of this process, Cervidil is placed and we’re hanging out.”

A husband and wife pregnant with their first baby snuggle in bed with their dog.

“Luckily, hubs is able to get off work and come join me at the hospital because they had low census. This is where things get good…I start feeling kinda crampy, but I am reassured that this is just the Cervidil working on my cervix and an extremely small amount of women actually go into labor from it. ‘Ok, sure, I’ll trust you!’”


“So when I get help getting up to the bathroom later, I assumed I had an accident due to the medication making my muscles go haywire and neither I nor the nurse think it’s my water breaking. Then I start to think that maybe my cramps might be contractions.”


“The cramps are even timing out to about every three minutes as of 0300. However, because nothing was being picked up on the monitor, I am again assured this is just my cervix doing its job and they aren’t real contractions, just cramping. Again I think ‘Ok, the pain is minimal, I believe you.’”


“The night keeps chugging along and I’m crampy but doing great. We get to about 0600 and I wouldn’t mind a little bit of pain relief (cause these aren’t the real cramps right?), so I ask for some Tylenol. The nurse states that the doctors are in the middle of switching over and if I could hold on just a bit longer, she could make it happen. ‘Sure, I was only asking for Tylenol anyways, not like it’s an emergency.’”


“A new nurse comes in and is told about my request for pain medication and suggests maybe she check my cervix to see if maybe we should just get my epidural placed. Low and behold, she measures me at 8-9 cm dilated!!! For there things go into fast-forward. Good thing my husband got the night off, because if he had to work, he would be missing most of the birth process at this point.”


“The new nurse readjusts the monitors and yep, they’re real contractions! She did a wonderful job of getting the anesthesia team into my room before they had to perform a C-section on another patient at 0800. At this time, we’re telling my mom and sister in law that if they want to see us before the baby is born, they better get to the hospital ASAP!”


“The pain medication from the epidural calmed things down enough to given them time to get there and visit for about 20 minutes before the doctor evaluated me again and said its time to try to push.”


“We kicked everyone out to where it’s just me and Stephen, and then 45 minutes later, Warren Archer Brim was born at 1005 March 6th. I never wanted a natural birth process, but I almost accidentally got it!”


Wow! Such a crazy birth story! Sydney, thank you so much for sharing little Warren’s incredible journey into this world. It was a joy to photograph this special time in your life!

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