Top 10 Images of 2017 | Dallas Arthur Photography | Jacksonville Birth Photographer

Dallas Arthur photographing a midwife and mom in labor. This midwife is from Full Circle Women's Care at St. Vincent's Southside hospital in Jacksonville, Florida.

2017 was a huge year of growth for my business! I officially began booking birth photography sessions, I deleted and completely rebuilt my website from the ground up, and I met some really special families along the way. Thank you so much to all of my clients and supporters; to know that you trusted me to capture your most precious moments is so humbling. I am truly blessed to do what I love for a living! To celebrate this beautiful year, I've collected 10 of my favorite photographs from some of the 31 sessions I photographed this year. Enjoy!

1. When three become four

Images that have multiple points of view make me so happy. Mom is sweetly talking to her oldest child. Big sister is looking with fascination at her little sister's tiny fingernails. And dad is standing tall, protectively admiring his three beautiful girls. Click here to see the rest of their Just Born images.

Family of four snuggles with new baby born at Jacksonville Beach hospital. Big sister looks at baby while mom and dad look at each other.

2. Hannah Grace goes down for a nap

This tiny girl has a special place in my heart. Strong little Hannah was born a micropreemie, and survived, despite her many health issues from being born so premature. Her triplet sisters, Hope and Hailey, passed away, but her family remembers them every day. It was an honor to photograph little Hannah in the hospital, her sisters' funeral, and their family Christmas pictures this year. Click here to see Hannah's NICU session.

Dad places preemie daughter in bassinet in NICU ward of hospital. Baby is one month old.

3. From the ambulance to the birth tub

This moment was one of the biggest rushes of adrenaline I've felt this year. This strong, calm mom was on her way to the UF Birth Center, when suddenly they were stuck on the highway behind a terrible car accident. In order to get through, she rode in an ambulance and was delivered to the birth center. When the ambulance doors opened, we (dad, doula, midwife, and myself) had no idea if the baby had been born yet. Read her (amazing) story here!

Doula watches her birth client exit an ambulance as they arrive at the UF Birth Center in Jacksonville, Florida. Mom went on to have a peaceful water birth.

4. Breathing baby down

This birth was so magical to witness. This mom used Hypnobirthing to achieve the peaceful, controlled, and empowered birth that she wanted. Rather than pushing, she breathed her baby down. She didn't push for the first time until baby was already crowning. Ready her birth story here.

A mom practicing Hypnobirthing peacefully breathes her baby down at a Flagler Hospital birth in Saint Augustine, Florida. Baby was born a few minutes later with a head full of blonde hair.

5. Peaceful mom, peaceful baby

And after all that time spent breathing her baby down, she finally got to meet her son. I just love this image of baby's head quietly entering the world. He was just as calm as his peaceful mama, until he was all the way on the outside, that is! Click here to read more about her birth story.

6. Hold me, mama

As this mom headed toward transition and was getting ready to meet her baby girl, her toddler, asleep in the other room at the Fruitful Vine birth center, woke up crying and needed to be comforted. Despite her strong contractions (she was about 8-9 centimeters dilated at this point), she sweetly rocked her baby boy for the last time as an only child until he fell back asleep. See what happened next here.

A second-time mom holds her sleeping toddler as she sits on a birth ball while in active labor. She had her baby at Fruitful Vine Midwifery in Jacksonville, Florida.

7. A dapper little man at Sweet Pete's

Oh my goodness...the eyes, the curls, the suspenders! This little man struck a business-like pose at a casual lifestyle session at Sweet Pete's. Isn't he handsome??

Toddler looks at the camera during lifestyle family photo shoot in Jacksonville, Florida.

8. He's here, and he's perfect

This birth. It just takes my breath away every time I revisit it. This mom and dad worked together beautifully to welcome their son, their last baby, into the world on their terms. His first cry was loud and beautiful! Click to ready about his speedy birth!

Mom looks in wonder at her newborn son moments after birth. He was born in a water birth at UF Birth Center in Jacksonville, Florida with two midwives.

9. "Excuse me, lady...I'm doing some skin-to-skin with my pops. Do ya mind?"

Skin-to-skin is important for so many reasons. It helps to regulate baby's temperature and blood sugar levels, strengthens baby's immune system, and reduces stress. This little guy, less than an hour old, was none to pleased when I peeked in to get a picture! Read his birth story here.

Newborn baby does skin-to-skin bonding with dad at hospital in Saint Augustine, Florida. Baby was born peacefully just a few minutes earlier and dad got to hold him while mom showered.

10. Blue eyes and bubbles

Okay, yes, I am biased. I did birth her. But come ON, is this not the most beautiful child you've ever seen?? I get teary looking at this picture; my baby girl isn't quite so little anymore, and our beloved cabin, the only place Alexis knew as home, was destroyed by flooding from hurricane Irma. Time marches on, whether or not our memories stay strong. THAT is why photography is important. That is why I am passionate about what I do. 

Baby with blue eyes takes a sink bath with bubbles during a lifestyle family photo session.

Here's to a beautiful, busy, birth-y 2018!
What kind of session can I photograph for your family this year?