Active labor, birth, and the precious hours after

Your birth, your way. Let's tell your story.

Your baby's birth is life-changing...period. Whether it's your first child or another sweet addition to your family, there is a line in the sand: life before that baby and life after.  Having a photographer there to tell your story with images helps you to remember every twist and turn.

I am so humbled and honored each and every time a client invites me to witness the birth of their child. I take this responsibility so seriously, and for me, being your birth photographer means so much more than just taking your picture. It means having someone to share your pregnancy and birth plans with. It means letting your support partner be present in the moment to support you instead of fumbling with a camera.  It means capturing everything; from the big, powerful moments to the little details that you may have missed while you were working hard.  But most of all, birth photography means that your child will be able to look at your images and know how much he or she was loved from the very beginning.



What is birth photography?


When you book me as your birth photographer, it means I am on call from 37 weeks until your sweet baby is born.  I like to meet you and your support partner for a pre-consultation, where we can get to know each other and talk about your birth plans.  Once you let me know that labor has begun, we will make a plan for me to come join you at the hospital, birth center, or your home, day or night.  I will drop everything and be there to capture beautiful images of active labor, the birth of your baby, and the precious moments afterwards.  

Within 6 hours of your baby's birth, I will email you 1-2 images that you can share with your excited friends and family!  Then I will retouch the rest of your images and have them ready for you in about 4 weeks. I come to your home and show you a beautiful slideshow of your images. It is so special to relive your big day together! We will work together to pick your favorites and discuss which images you are comfortable sharing. If you'd like to order an album, prints, or a wall display, I'll help you design them.



Birth photography packages start at $990,
with payment plans available.

My experience with Dallas was amazing. She was professional, thoughtful, and thorough. I was more than impressed and am so happy that she was there for my birth! Dallas, keep doing what you’re doing. You made me and my experience feel special, and I greatly appreciated it!
— Shelbi M


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When is your estimated due date?
When is your estimated due date?
Things you might include: if you are hiring a doula, taking childbirth education classes, planning on using a birthing method like Hypnobirthing, how your children might be present or involved, any birth rituals you will include, why you are drawn to birth photography, etc.


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